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Served Monday thru Saturday till 11am and 1pm on Sundays

All Omelets are prepared with three eggs and served with home fries and toast.

Scrambled eggs with great ingredients.
Served with home fries and choice of toast.
Friends with Benedicts

All poached eggs are prepared loose yolk and firm whites.
French Toast

Traditional recipe made with two extra-thick slices of toast, eggs, whole milk, and a dash of vanilla.
We make our own syrup served warm to your table.
Pancakes From Scratch

Traditional Buttermilk, Our Own Cinnamon Wheat.
Our delicious cinnamon wheat pancakes have always been made with applesauce (instead of oil) and egg whites.
We make our own pancake syrup served warm to your table.
Breakfast Sandwiches
Eggs and Such

If you prefer poached or egg whites, add $.50 each
Any of our breads can be replaced with Gluten Free Bread for $.75 extra.
Thoroughly cooking meats, poultry, seafood and eggs reduces the risk of food-borne illness.