Classic Complete

This package is our most popular and a fantastic value!

Minimum order of 10 persons to qualify for delivery in local areas, drop off only.

$12.99 per person (plus tax)

Need a last minute Classic Complete?  Same day ordering always welcomed $14.50 per person plus tax


Our own roast beef, oven roasted turkey breask, baked ham, tuna and chicken salad on assorted breads and wraps.
(Mayonnaise, mustard and pickles on the side.)

With your choice of:

Cole slaw, macaroni salad or potato sald.
(Or our freshly made pasta salad for an additional $1.59)

Also Includes:

Potato chips, assorted individual beverages, fresh baked chocolate chunk gourmet cookies and paper goods.

Jazz up your classic complete with the addition of some of our specialty wraps for an additional $2.50 per wrap.

- Turkey BLT

-Veggie Julie

-Turkey Cran Zinger

-Roast Beef Jack

-Chicken Ceasar

-Chicken Caper

-Turkey Alpine

Add Some Lunch Time Perks!
Accessorize your package with our variety of options

Fresh Fruit Salad - $2.59 per person

Fresh Pasta Salad - $1.99

Garden, Greek and plain Ceasar salad instead of our classic offerings - $1.99

Specialty "Bottled" Sodas and Tea (Upgrade)
Be Specific or Let Us Choose an Assortment! - $0.75 per person

Request All Wraps - $1.00 per person